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KC 14th Street Tower

A unique, creative, concept returns to downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  Everything you need, within one Tower.  Everything you desire, within steps.   Read on for the bottom-to-top details.


  Retail ,shopping and select casual dining, at street level, to enhance the visitor and non-visitor experience.    


 Office space that is just that, spacious when needed and compact when not. Designed to attract any company to downtown Kansas City. 160,000 square feet of office space will be available.  Dedicated and guaranteed parking, onsite


 A variety of 225 apartment homes to suit the newcomer, the long timer, the part timer, of all ages and experience.  Guaranteed parking, onsite.


 A hotel offering approximately 200 rooms for the Kansas City corporate, convention or leisure visitor.  Meeting space, food and beverage.  

Ample parking for all, an above ground parking facility with +/- 500 spaces to accommodate residents, guests and to fill any needs which might support Kansas City.

The Topping

  All of this will be topped by a rooftop restaurant, bar, pool and penthouse.